Allison’s Journey: From Fintech Frustrations to Forbes Feature

2 min readDec 4, 2023

“The work Endeavor Miami is doing is a critical asset to startup founders of color. We’re living proof of that impact…” Nicole Green, Cofounder of Allison

Endeavor Miami Cohort 11 (2023)

The Spark Behind Allison: Every story has a beginning, and Allison’s is rooted in a fusion of challenges and foresight. It’s the tale of how co-founders Brian Alvarez-Bailey and Nicole Green turned their frustrations into a force for change in the community banking sector. This part of our journey is not just about identifying a problem but about envisioning a transformative solution.

Milestones on Our Path: Our journey has been marked by milestones that signify our commitment and belief in our vision. From onboarding our first bank customers to being part of prestigious accelerators and securing key investments, each step has reinforced our resolve. Here, we’re sharing these proud moments that have shaped Allison.

Our Endeavor Miami Chapter: When Allison entered the Endeavor Miami accelerator, EndeavorLAB for Black Founders [powered by Dell & FPL], it was a new chapter in our story, filled with growth and learning. This segment of our journey was made richer by the support of mentors like Jorge Noguera and Richard MacDonald, and the invaluable insights and opportunities that came our way. Endeavor Miami is having a closing event December 5th. Find tickets here.

Celebrating Our Forbes Feature: The moment we found ourselves featured in Forbes, it was a surreal and exhilarating experience. This part of the blog captures the team’s excitement and pride. Nicole Green’s words, “The work Endeavor Miami is doing is a critical asset to startup founders of color. We’re living proof of that impact,” perfectly encapsulate our feelings. Read the full article here.

Envisioning Allison’s Future: What lies ahead for Allison is a landscape of opportunities and challenges. In this section, we’re sharing our immediate goals and our aspirations for the future. It’s a glimpse into our plans to continue redefining the fintech landscape for community banks.

Join Our Journey: As we wrap up this post, we extend an invitation to you to become part of our story. We encourage you to learn more about Allison and join us in this exciting journey forward. Your engagement and support mean the world to us.




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